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Nominations for CWA Local 2252 Executive Officers shall be conducted by petition only. Local 2252 Election Committee is now accepting nominations for the eight (8) following Executive Officer positions;

- Local President
- Local Vice President
- Secretary/Treasurer
- AT&T Area VP
- Inova Area VP
- AA Mainline Area VP
- MWAA Area VP
- Piedmont Airlines Area VP

Any member in good standing may nominate a candidate, provided the nominee is a member in good standing and agrees to be a nominee. A member may also self-nominate.

Each nominee must fill out the nomination petition form in order to be listed as a candidate on the ballot.

All nominees are required to get 5 signatures from members of Local 2252. If a member is self-nominating, the 5 signatures cannot include their own. 

ALL completed NOMINATION PETITION FORMS ARE TO BE SENT ELECTRONICALLY TO no later than by 11:59 a.m. Friday, October 26th.

Questions or concerns can be directed to the Election Committee by email at